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Industrial visualization is a key component of industrial automation: the application of mechanical and electronic technologies to control and monitor production.


More about visualization and operator interface


Industrial visualization encompasses a variety of human-machine interface platforms that are used to control the process. Each platform is used as a dashboard or interface for the system or device to which it is connected. As a dashboard, the interface presents data that shows the user the current status of the system or device. The platform also acts as an interface through which the operator can give instructions to the system or device, thereby changing its output.

Visualization platforms come in many forms:

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  • HMIs – custom-built screens located in operator control panels in the area where the process is taking place, which allows for process control.
  • SCADA systems – remotely controlled systems that collect data from numerous process devices, local controls and equipment islands to provide centralized command of the entire process. These systems also perform computations and analyze the data being received and enable machine learning and process macros.
  • Remote visualization devices (tablets, glasses, etc.) – these are used to troubleshoot and make changes to a process while physically seeing the effects.

By leveraging HMI (human-machine interface), operators can view critical information in graphs, charts or digital dashboards, view and manage alarms, and connect to SCADA and MES systems – all through one portal.



MES helps you streamline your production

Improved productivity through increased operator situational awareness of the process and minimizing down times

Decreased maintenance and troubleshooting costs by eliminating unnecessary failure points

Ability to continuously improve the process

Visibility to real time production statistics

Millennium solutions mean: fewer errors, broader knowledge, more security

Problem solving is always built in

Updated automation systems have a number of clear advantages: they are less prone to failure and offer more opportunities for early problem detection and preventive maintenance. They also reduce dependence on the "tribal knowledge" of operators, as their expertise is incorporated into the automation. Automation of ergonomic and safety areas can also significantly reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. 


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The digitization of process devices allows for intuitive arrangement of machine process, advanced visualization, and animation demonstration the operation and necessary operator input. The progression of automation and digitization of controls has allowed this to be possible creating more efficient and effective production while also providing a safer space for operators.   

MCS offers a multitude of customized visualization solutions including but not limited to the following: 

  • HMI development 
  • SCADA integration 
  • Remote device development and portals (tablets, phones, websites, etc) 
  • MES integration 
  • ERP integration 

All of these solutions are highly customizable to fit the unique needs of each and every manufacturing facility. 

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