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In today’s manufacturing environments, automation and technology are keys to success. Millennium understands both problems and solutions. Our team works closely with our customers throughout – both domestically and internationally, from consultation and conception to design and execution. No two solutions are alike, as we consistently aim to create the best individual package for each customer. Our years of experience range from customer-specific machine controls to process automation and customized software. Whether PLC, HMI, servo or drive controls, Millennium always uses the most current proven technology and customizes it to meet our customers’ specifications, standards and site-specific requirements.

We deliver know-how and expert support throughout the journey

Step by step to the best possible result

Our work begins with consulting and conceptual design. This includes such things as machinery risk assessments, arc flash studies, power and line quality studies, network analysis, and machine and process performance studies. We use this information to engineer the best possible solution. When we move into the design phase, Millennium can develop custom control panels using tools such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical and ePLAN. We also configure and program PLCs and HMIs such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi and many others.

Find out what design and engineering can do for you

Consulting – we are your journey partner, creating the best path forward by utilizing our expertise and experience in collaboration with customers. Clear goals and expectations ensure success.

Design – we design automation using technology that makes sense. Our systems give our customers every advantage in optimizing their production processes.

Execution – in automating, execution is the most important part of the process. A good strategy lays out the path forward, but results are achieved when the right actions are taken.


Partnership with MCS – a win-win situation all along the line

Whether it’s maximizing capital investments by modernizing an existing machine or investing in new production equipment, we understand the challenges our customers face in manufacturing today.

Updating obsolete equipment and technology means minimizing production downtime, improving yield and increasing quality.

Automation of ergonomic and safety features can make up for shortages of skilled labor and help meet production demands.

“Whether it’s an aging machine that requires a full controls upgrade or a new piece of OEM equipment being delivered to your factory, Millennium Control Systems can deliver a turnkey automation controls package from first concept through design and commissioning. From improved production to enhanced safety, Millennium has the experience to engineer a successful project.”


Michael Upholz VP Executive Management Team

Millennium solutions mean fewer errors, better knowledge, more security

Problem solving is always built in

Updated automation systems have several clear advantages: they are less prone to failure and offer more opportunities for early problem detection and preventive maintenance. They also reduce dependence on operators’ “tribal knowledge” as their expertise is incorporated into the automation. Automation of ergonomic and safety features can also significantly reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

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