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The intelligence of your automation process

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a robust computer designed for industry that contains the logic and rulesets that make intelligent decisions to control automatic manufacturing production and processes. PLC automation is one of Millennium’s core specialties, and our experts work with all platforms.

Create efficiency by adding the latest PLC technology to your application

Experience you can build on

Do you have existing control hardware that is no longer supported and for which spare parts are no longer available? Millennium can help: we can offer an easy turnkey migration path to update the equipment and improve the machine’s reliability as part of the upgrade process.

Are you looking for a new solution that has been developed specifically for your requirements? Many customers, such as OEMs or customers with greenfield sites, use Millennium to develop machine or process applications with custom-engineered solutions. Millennium has partnered with numerous OEMs and end users to automate their applications and maximize production without sacrificing quality.

Find out what PLC automation can do for you

PLC solutions can be used to achieve many goals simultaneously. Check out the list below – we’re sure you’ll find your own key goals there:

  • Machine control 
  • Process control 
  • Safety zone management 
  • Robot cell management 
  • Vision and inspection management 
  • Energy & power management 
  • OT (operational technology) interfaces to IT and business systems 
  • Data interfaces to MES systems 
  • Networking connectivity for monitoring and remote support 
  • Adaptive learning and artificial intelligence  


PLC automation expertise

From micro-scale to large-scale PLC integrations, we know how to apply automation to your machines and processes. Investing in PLCs for both modernization and new equipment requires the right partner.


PLC upgrades can take several migration paths. Existing communication networks and protocols must be carefully considered and planned for when engineering a migration path. Millennium can help concept and plan the correct path, lowering your risk while rewarding your business with a healthy ROI. Analyzing PLC programs for performance improvements, mounting new PLCs on existing control panels, providing new control panels in existing cabinets, or complete new PLC systems are all among our strengths. Let our team take your system to the next level.


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a control system architecture consisting of a networked system of PLCs, computers, and operator interfaces for high-level supervision of manufacturing machines and processes. DCS (Distributed Control System) is a system of distributed controllers and networked equipment most effectively used for large-scale and distributed process control.

Millennium understands when PLC, SCADA, and DCS solutions are the right choice for your application and process.

Service & support

Understanding PLC architecture and hardware as well as multiple product platforms is our key to effective service. Add application experience, and you have the right partner for PLC service and support. Millennium knows and works with multiple providers and can handle today’s technologies or installed technologies from the last few decades. We understand how to analyze and troubleshoot to provide the service and support that you need.

Intelligent automation control

Applying PLC Automation to your application

Our experience ensures success for PLC implementation projects. Current technologies allow faster and better data for operational analytics and decisions, which results in improved performance. We can help you with the exact technology and implementation you need.

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