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We support you where you need us – on all your automation equipment. Whether it was provided by us or others, we service it. Our offerings include capabilities to target immediate or specific needs, as well as long-term contracts to ensure consistent automation performance over time.

Whether a 24-7 operation or a one shift only, we can set up your service contract accordingly. Millennium service will reduce downtime and maintenance leading to improved operational efficiency. 

A journey partner at your side

Around the Clock Service

Our service concept is simple. We start by listening to the challenges our customers are facing. We then offer our proposal to solve the problem. At Millennium we want to be viewed as a key partner to help optimize your operational inefficiencies. Having a portfolio of available services that span from remote technical support to machinery safety risk assessments means you have to look no further.

“Service is a fundamental component of our company. We have long-standing technical expertise in leading edge automation solutions and legacy systems alike. We understand our customers by listening to them, and meeting our customers’ needs is our number one priority.”


Denis Morozov Manager of Engineering and Services

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Service you can trust

  • Network analysis studies
  • Safety audits and risk assessments
  • Safety upgrade and implementation
  • Arc flash studies - NFPA 70E
  • Power monitoring
  • Line studies and modernization projects



Training - Inos

Trust our execution

We are an excellent partner as one part of a large installation team, or we can be a full turnkey solution provider for site supervision and electrical and mechanical installations. Millennium can be your one stop shop whether for one piece or all pieces of the project puzzle.

  • Electrical installation services
  • Mechanical installation services
  • Onsite installation supervision
  • Site management



In our health check, we regularly check your plant.

Trust our capabilities

Efficiency is achieved by understanding the basics and then using effective procedures to advance. Step by step, with good understanding and methods, automation progress is efficiently made and results are achieved. Your automation investment requires the right partner.

  • Vision systems
  • Robotics
  • Drives and motors
  • PLC, SCADA, HMI visualization
  • Network and business system interfaces

Preventative maintenance:


With updates and upgrades, you increase performance.

Trust our thoroughness

Let’s make a plan! With Millennium as your partner, you’ll have access to many preventative maintenance services that will help add longevity to your equipment. Preventative maintenance is a proven method to keep your production running efficiently and minimize unplanned downtime. 

  • Heat studies  
  • Motor loading and performance analysis 
  • Production monitoring and sensor/actuator performance analysis 
  • Robot maintenance 
  • Cabinet cleanup – organize wires, torque tightness checks, wire labels, 
  • Arc flash updating – voltage vision, barriers, and labeling 
  • Firmware updates 
  • Drive capacitor reforming 

Our services:


• Safety audits

• Risk assessments and safety validation

• Risk mitigations and implementation

• Safety upgrade projects

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Electrical installation

• Electrical installation studies and services

• Onsite installation supervision and site management

• Onsite wire terminations and labeling

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Field service and remote support

• Emergency services

• Remote service and support contracts

• Customer training programs – onsite and at MCS offices

• Embedded engineering

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Preventative maintenance

• Preventative maintenance services – heat gun, firmware flash, motor checks, RA ADC configurations

• Cabinet air condition kit upgrades

• Cabinet aging circuit creaker upgrades

• cabinet cleanup – organize wires, torque tightness checks, wire labels, heat gun

• Cabinet lockout voltage vision kits

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Manufacturing & bus bar

• Network analysis – bandwidth and error checks, reports

• Arc flash studies

• Power monitoring

• VFD capacitor reforming

• Modernization projects

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