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Tire Automation Experts

The biggest and most common challenge facing this industry is outdated technology. In many existing plants, the machines and automation are obsolete, and there is often a lack of machine and control communication from the factory floor to operational reporting. Other challenges are skills gaps and workforce shortages. All of this means outdated safety standards on the one hand, and poor efficiency and higher scrap rates on the other.

Millennium has been servicing the tire industry since we were established. We have personnel with decades plus years of experience. Our services target factors that are critical to the future of the industry: quality improvements, minimizing downtime, improved machine safety, energy savings, and faster decision-making through the use of more data and high-speed analytics. 

Your advantages

  • Millennium can work with hardware and software from various control system manufacturers
  • We have experienced engineers who specialize in the field
  • We are competent in the execution of large, complex projects
  • We are able to provide a turnkey solution, from design to installation and commissioning
  • We’re a member of a large global group but we’re also nimble and agile

Your contact person: Michael Upholz

Do you have questions, requests, or problems regarding our solutions for the tire and rubber industry? Michael is happy to help you, so please feel free to contact him.